Is there a loan that offers cash back?

Many people wonder if there are loans that offer some sort of cash back rewards and its great to get a loan that offers rewards like that. Fortunately the answer is YES! When you take out a loan through Wise Loan, you automatically get a nest egg account. In this account, you receive $50 for every $1,000 borrowed. You can always use your nest egg account for future loan needs or you can use it for a future rewards discount. You have to make your payments on time in order to be eligible for the rewards program. If you have not made your payments on time then you will not be eligible for the rewards. Having a nest egg account is great too because it allows Wise Loan to recognize you as a returning customer rather than a new one so you could be able to get lower interest rates on loans. So is there a loan that offers cash back? The answer to that would be yes.

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