What is the highest installment loan amount I can get with bad credit?

Applying for an installment loan when you have bad credit can be a difficult process. It can be difficult because most loan agencies do not give out loans to people who do not have good credit, this is a result of them not wanting to risk giving out money and having you either not pay it back or having a difficult time repaying the loan. There are many installment loan companies where that is not the case though. Many short term loan companies consider people who have bad credit because they use different factors to make a choice on your approval. They take into consideration if you have a job, your loan repayment history, and how much you would like to borrow.

You are probably wondering what the highest loan amount you can obtain with bad credit is and it really depends on what you are looking to borrow. You most likely cannot obtain $3,000 with poor credit, however you may be able to take out $1,000 more or less depending on your loan term agreements. Your loan application process will let you know more about how much you can borrow with paying them back properly in the timely manor so you can build your credit verses making it worse than it already is. Short term loan companies actually can help their customers build their credit and get back on track.

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